Do You Include Fire Protection Into Your Annual Budget?

The need for buildings to be safe and the systems within them to be operational is and will continue to be critical to public and fire responder safety.”

– Jim Pauley, CEO & President of NFPA

Something very important to consider when developing your annual budget is Fire Protection for your business. This allows foresight into any issues that may arise throughout the year. To elaborate, this does not only include annual and semi-annual inspections, but also any maintenance and/or repairs needed throughout the year. In addition, if you are planning any tenant improvement projects, a detailed budget is essential for the success of the project.

Your budget is basically an educated guess based on your past revenue and expenditures that will help you see what the future of your business finances will look like. With that being said, the more detailed and accurate you can be, the more efficient your budget will be.

Conducting your own visual inspection will allow you to anticipate and account for possible repairs. A checklist is attached of some common items to look for when conducting your own visual inspection. Taking into account all of the annual inspections, semi-annual inspections and possible repairs will help you create a more precise budget. This will allow you to actually proceed with all of the necessary inspections and/or repairs through an A P Fire Protection licensed contractor. Failure to consider all the above will have a negative impact on your planned success and overall profitability. Trying to save a buck, because you didn’t plan for certain repairs, could have devastating consequences!

By taking the time to factor Fire Protection into your budget, you will be giving yourself the greatest chance of achieving your budgetary goals. Which in turn will make your business more successful. If you are unaware of how much it costs to get your systems inspected or which repairs could be needed, schedule a free walkthrough and A P Fire Protection will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Fire Protection Budget Checklist


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