The Walkthrough: Why You Deserve an On-Site Consultation

APFP associate looks through jobsite plans on a walkthrough

In order to come up with the best game plan, preparation is key. Providing contractors with access to the project can provide better bids, as the contractors who have access to the site have greater confidence in the size and scope of the project. The most important aspect is to get a clear and precise indication of what the project requires in order to put together the best possible bid. At A P Fire, we will always provide a complementary walkthrough to get you the most accurate bid for your job.

What Happens During an On-Site Consultation Visit?

A comprehensive consultation includes:

  1. An on-site appraisal of all present fire protection systems conditions and placement in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (IBC & IFC) codes.
  2. A verbal outline of deficient areas that will need to be brought up to code and a description of what those services will entail.
  3. A written report of recommendations and agreements.
  4. Training and assistance with implementing recommendations.
A P Fire Protection conducts a walkthrough on a food truck.
APFP associate checks out a fire panel
APFP associate takes pictures on a job walk

During the walkthrough

During the walkthrough, the A P Fire associate assigned to your project will learn about your process and begin formulating a plan for how to execute.  At this stage, you should ask questions about our process and fire protection itself.  This is not only a good way to get a feel for how fire protection devices work, but also an opportunity to learn about the life safety they provide.

After the walkthrough

Once we’ve examined the job site, we will discuss our plan for execution.  During this conversation, you should also be covering some of the key points that will be included in the contract.

  • Regulatory challenges – What permits and inspections will be required and who will handle them? 
  • Materials – What materials will be required and who will be responsible for their selection and acquisition?
  • Subcontractors – What subcontractors will be involved (if any) and what is the process for hiring subcontractors?
  • Mechanic’s Lien – In many states, anyone who has done significant work to a property has the right to place a mechanic’s lien on it.  You should ask about how they handle mechanic’s liens and whether they have ever filed one in the past (and under what circumstances).

After the walkthrough, we will send you a quote containing a general description of work, specifics on the timeline and the cost.

Product Demo

In some cases we can provide product demonstrations with certified representatives from our product manufacturers. If you would like a product demo, please reach out to our office, so we can schedule it for you!


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